Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how we use and protect any information you may provide when you become a customer of Ash Tree Design or use the Ash Tree Design website. All personal information collected about you is stored in the UK and is subject to all applicable UK and European laws.

We will not share your personal or business details with any 3rd party. Any details you give us will be stored by us, for the use of Ash Tree Design business only. Only Ash Tree Design employees will communicate with you regarding your website or design project, while you are a customer with us. If you would like your contact details changed or removed from our records, please contact us at

What we collect and store from our customers
We will not collect sensitive data without your explicit consent.

  • Customer names
  • Addresses
  • Employee names and job titles
  • Employee email addresses
  • Employee telephone numbers
  • Website login credentials

Why we collect and store this information

  • To provide you with web design products and services
  • To meet contractual obligations
  • To make billing and payment requests
  • To provide ongoing customer support
  • To administer customer hosting and domain name account

Former customers
Should your relationship with Ash Tree Design end, your information will be retained by us following its normal and lawful business record retention policy. Different categories of information will be kept for different lengths of time. The time depends on factors such as legal requirements and statutes of limitation. Information that no longer serves a legal necessity or lawful business use will by anonymised or deleted. Your information will remain protected as long as it is retained, consistent with the privacy practices in this notice.

Security and Confidentiality
We will use appropriate technical and organisational security measures within our sphere of responsibility to ensure an appropriate level of confidentiality, integrity and, where Ash Tree Desugn is the Data Controller, availability of Subject data and to ensure its availability in the event of a business continuity incident.

What we collect through our website
• Your Name
• Email Address
• Telephone Number
• Company Name

How & why we collect your data
We use a contact form to collect your details so that we can receive, view your enquiry and reply accordingly.

We will only ever contact you directly using the methods for which you have given your clear consent. By submitting our contact form you are giving us consent to contact you at the telephone number or email address submitted.

How we store your data
When submitting our contact form, your data is sent to our company email address at  It is encrypted in transit and stored securely on our password protected email server, hosted with

No hard copies are ever made containing your details. We do not use your details for any marketing purposes or share with any other third parties.

The Right to Be Informed
Ash Tree Design is committed to keeping you informed in a clear and transparent manner regarding the use, collection, and disclosure of your personal information. We will endeavor to inform you at the time we collect any information why we collect that information and how it will be handled. If your questions or concerns are not addressed in this privacy policy please contact us at the number or address below.

The Right of Access and Correction
You have the right to access and correct or complete any of your personal information that we may have of yours. This includes a confirmation that your data is being processed or any other supplementary information. You can access your information at the number and address below. We may take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections. We will do this free of charge. However, and we may charge a statutory administration fee if the request is burdensome.

The Right of Erasure
You have the right to “be forgotten.” You can have your personal information deleted from our system subject to certain limitations. These limitations include when your personal information is necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations to you or under a legal requirement such as defense of legal claims. Please contact us at the information provided below for more information.

The Right to Restrict Processing
If you believe that we are processing your data incorrectly, inaccurately, unlawfully, or otherwise improperly, you may restrict our processing of your personal data. You may restrict or opt-out of processing at any time. Please contact us at the information provided below for more information.

The Right to Data Portability
You have the right to a machine-readable copy of your personal information. We can provide this directly to you or to whomever you direct us to.

The Right to Object
You have the right to object to processing of your personal information, including any automatic decision making processes. We will evaluate your objections based on your specific situation. Please contact us to discuss or exercise this right.

Contact Us
Please contact with any request and we will be happy to help. Call 07920003866.