Which version of Magento should I use for my e-commerce site?

If you’re looking to build an E-Commerce website, Magento is the place to start. It has been one of the leading E-Commerce applications for some time now and has recently launched their much anticipated Magento version 2.0.

The dilemma for us as a design and development company is at what stage do we stop using Magento 1.x and make the leap to version 2.0. There’s a lot to consider – software stability, security and hosting requirements to name just a few.

There are certainly improvements, as you’d expect; it has a more streamlined back office and the checkout process and the overall work-flow is far more intuitive. Here’s a few other clear improvements…

  • Improved product management, filtering and editing
  • A full responsive back office interface
  • Setting up and managing configurable products is easier and more flexible
  • Far superior admin navigation menu
  • A wider array of payment methods

But with any new software, it has it gremlins; it certainly demands more from your server, migrating older sites is tricky and arguably the initial setup is more complex.

Overall Magento 2.0 looks to be a great system and in many ways a big improvement on what has come before. With support for version 1.x ceasing in the next few years it is only a matter of time before we fully embrace the latest version of this excellent application.