The benefits of a one-page WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world today and has evolved from a simple blog management tool into a full website management platform. It is almost certainly the first CMS many will look to when planning and considering a website.


One of the more popular developments in recent years in the rise of the single page, scrolling, message-focussed WordPress website. A tall, easy to use, easily navigable page, containing just about the right amount of content you’ll need to get your message across, and little else – no distractions!

With the continued rise of mobile devices, faster internet speeds and user-experience focussed design, this may be the perfect solution for your business. Focussing on what is only necessary and prompting the desired action from the user at every step, with little distraction.

Can one-page WordPress websites help me?

  • They allow you to promote your business using a storytelling type narrative, propelling the users in a logical way towards the desired objective
  • Forces a simpler, cleaner message and layout, with clearly defined steps
  • Encourages improved page speed and image optimisation
  • Leads to higher and potentially quicker conversions as call-to-actions are achieved sooner.
  • Easier and quicker to manage through the WordPress Back office
  • More intuitive from the perspective of mobile phones and tablets. Users expect to scroll – they experience this across their social networks and other mainstream e-commerce platforms.

So how considering this for your business website? Email us for a quote or for more information.