Managing your e-commerce orders

We’ve been building e-commerce websites using Magento for years now and thought we’d create a series of small taster articles on what Magento does best. It is one of the best and widely used platforms available and contains a suite of tools and functions which make running an online shop a doddle.

Irrespective of your website’s level of complexity, the Magento “back-office” remains the same – you just have to choose which bits to use and which bits to ignore.


Order management is one of the most important sections in Magento. Any e-commerce website will utilise this section. When an order is made by a customer on your website a new order is created in Magento and the following information is collected and stored for easy reference and management.

Customer details
Billing and Delivery Addresses
Payment method (encrypted)
Products purchased
Shipping method chosen


The whole process is automated with email notifications being sent out at every important stage and shipping, voiding, cancellation and invoicing available at the press of a button.

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