Our top five most useful WordPress plugins

Out of the box, WordPress is a fantastic platform, but it can’t possibly cater for all eventualities. There are always going to be situations where you need a little extra. In those instances WordPress’ plugin library is the place to start. We’ve been building WordPress websites for many years now, and there is always a core list of Plugins which we will always install when setting up your WordPress site, as a matter of course. Here’s a quick introduction to our top five, most-useful plugins, in no particular order.

Disable Comments
Obviously if you want to use the WordPress commenting system on your website, this doesn’t apply. Generally speaking, however, the commenting system isn’t needed and this plugin stops your back-office from getting bunged up by spam and other pointless nonsense.

Yoast SEO
Out of the box, WordPress’ search engine optimisation tools are somewhat limited. With Yoast SEO you can setup and analyse your keywords on a page by page basis, giving you independent control over page titles, meta descriptions and in addition provides many other more technical features.

Wordpress is what’s known as “Open Source”. In other words, all the nuts and bolts of the inner workings of the software are accessible and free to be edited and customised. With that in mind, a little bit of added security is required. WordFence sets up a Firewall behind your website and can monitor, block and report on any malicious attacks as they happen.

Visual Composer
This plugin gives extended control of the WYSIWYG editor within WordPress, without having to get too technical. It makes editing more complicated layouts, easier – giving the admin user control over setting up new rows and columns and assigning different content widgets to those areas.

Revolution Slider
Image banner and sliders are a fundamental part of a websites and will no doubt continue to be so for many years. Revolution slider makes setting up image sliders with animated text and other