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Which version of Magento should I use for my e-commerce site? If you’re looking to build an E-Commerce website, Magento is the place to start. It has been one of the leading E-Commerce applications for some time now and has recently launched their much anticipated Magento version 2.0. The dilemma for us as a design [...]
Managing e-commerce customers in your online shop with Magento A crucial part of any e-commerce website is Customer Management. Magento comes packed full of numerous tools and functions which makes the front-end user experience and the back-office admin experience as painless and simple as possible. Fully customisable registration and login forms communicate seamlessly with the [...]
Managing your e-commerce orders We've been building e-commerce websites using Magento for years now and thought we'd create a series of small taster articles on what Magento does best. It is one of the best and widely used platforms available and contains a suite of tools and functions which make running an online shop a [...]