Managing e-commerce customers in your online shop with Magento

A crucial part of any e-commerce website is Customer Management. Magento comes packed full of numerous tools and functions which makes the front-end user experience and the back-office admin experience as painless and simple as possible.


Fully customisable registration and login forms communicate seamlessly with the Magento admin area. Customers are added automatically to the database and all their details are stored in a secure way. Magento also distributes all the registration and account confirmation email for you.


All customer information can be accessed by the shop owner within the ‘Customer Management’ area – here you can view and alter customer details, monitor their orders, shopping baskets, wish lists and their reviews. You can even view which customers and guests are currently visiting your shop. All of this information can be exported to a spreadsheet at the click of a button, giving you the option to import into your own management tools or third party email applications such as Mailchimp.


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